Global Linking Systems

Linksy has, over many years, developed an innovative and effective solution for quickly building your assembly projects :

Global Linking Systems

Global Linking Systems is based on 3 fundamental foundations

1- Global Technical Support

From co-design to delivering parts to production, we are present during every one of your project’s phases.

2- Global Assembly System

From standard nuts and bolts to specialist parts, we supply all of the parts needed to assemble your equipment.

3- Global Supply Chain

From small scale aeronautical to large scale automotive assembly runs, we provide a complete service.

Global Linking Systems project management covers five successive phases

Project analysis


1. Listing all of the fasteners required for assembly

2. Generating the functional specifications

3. Developing the implementation schedule and identifying lead-times

Development / co-design phase


1. Developing specifications and drawings

2. Producing prototypes

3. Proposing technical and economic improvements

Qualification phase


1. Finalising technical and economic choices

2. Validating specifications

3. Providing the quality file

Industrialisation phase

1. Defining assembly resources and parameters

2. Determining packaging

3. Seeking productivity gains

Series production phase


1. Implementing effective and secure logistics

2. Providing after-sales support

3. Investigating part standardisation for other applications

Global Linking Systems advantages

  • Four companies with complementing expertise

    From standard nuts and bolts to specialist parts, we supply all of the parts needed to assemble your equipment.
    What the Group has to offer is organised around assembly solutions born of each company’s expertise:
    – Soprima & Prelok for coating.
    – Inserco & Foubert for fastening systems and nuts and bolts.

  • Our fast reacting teams

    Reactivity is our priority!
    With a direct link to our team of experts, your project will very quickly be taken on right from the design department stage. Day by day follow-up is a really simple matter. Our processes are simplified ones, making it easier to bring your products to market.
    Our teams adapt to best suit your specifications and deploy the solutions that match your needs.

  • Technical relevance

    Our expertise is based on a long experience in assembly work (nuts and bolts, inserts, pre-coatings, etc.). Working with your own design departments, from creating the specifications to delivering complete fastening solutions, we are present throughout every phase of your project.

  • A capacity to innovate

    We have specialist expertise in pre-coatings so that we can include many additional functions into your fasteners: bonding, anti-loosening, anti-cross threading, sealing, anti-locking.

  • Product quality

    Our overall quality is born of our experience in demanding fields like the automotive or aeronautical industries. Our facilities are all ISO 9001 certified and our quality systems meet your specific requirements.

  • Cost management

    We have been developing technical fasteners with the same partner factories in Europe and Asia for over ten years. This long term collaboration means that we can quickly undertake your projects, working with your design department, guaranteeing solutions that combine quality and competitive cost.
    We will deliver best price products to you without any quality concessions.

Look at our Global Linking Systems achievements


Customer project: launching a new advanced technology electronics product for the general public.

Challenge : finding a sealing solution built-into the micro-screws used in a small space and solving the breakage issues encountered during plastic shell assembly.

Assembly: five assemblies that require 32 fastening parts per product, split over 11 references for screws, nuts, studs and washers.

Players: product manufacturers for the final assembly and two subassembly contract assemblers.

Linksy solutions : securing the assemblies by pre-coating sensitive fasteners. Supplying standard parts to speed up the preseries phase, then sourcing specialist parts from Asia to design drawings.

Result: product launch deadline met thanks to the mobilisation of Linksy teams at Inserco and Soprima.



Customer project: redesigning a professional electronics product.

Challenge: finding a sealing solution built-into the micro-screws used in a small space and solving the breakage issues encountered during plastic shell assembly.

Assembly: Four assemblies that require 23 fastening parts per product, split over six references for screws and inserts for plastics.

Players: product designer, electronics contractor, plastics specialist.

Linksy solutions:
– Validating an innovative sealing solution under the micro-screw head,
– Developing a special insert that takes up the tightening forces.

Results: a complete solution validated to IP67 sealing standards and a significant reduction in assembly rejects.



Customer project: taking over all of the assemblies.

Challenge: supplying fasteners for a luxury leather item with the manufacture of special parts to design, using standard parts with surface coatings, pre-coating and packaging.

Assembly: Three separate assemblies involving a total of 18 fastening parts

Playersproduct designer, subcontractors for the various parts and the surface treatment specialist.

Technical issues: coordinating the supply and the manufacture of parts for integration into assemblies with consistent and attractive surface treatments.

Linksy solutions :securing the assemblies by pre-coating sensitive fasteners subject to carrying stresses.
Developing special and standard fasteners.

Result: working in synergy within the Group to source the variety of fasteners and coordinate subcontractors to ensure finished part deliveries.


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